Plastic Surgery Department at Marble Medical Centre in Qatar

Integrated department that meets all of the patients’ needs in one place

Dr. Francesco Marchetti, Plastic Surgery Consultant

Nowadays, plastic surgery is common and is one of the main departments in any hospital or medical centre. Marble Medical Centre always strives for the best, and works hard to bring all the new techniques in the world of medicine to meet the needs of Qatar’s society. The Centre attracts the most famous and skilled plastic surgeons from Europe to perform the surgeries in Qatar.

The Plastic Surgery Department is an integrated department that includes the outpatient clinics, operations department, anesthesia, laboratory, radiology and post-op patient wards.

Marble Medical Centre seeks to meet the patients’ needs in one place. Accordingly, Marble is prepared with state-of-the-art medical equipment and machines. Also, Marble has an experienced medical team; the nurses take care of the patient immediately from the moment he arrives at the Centre till the end of his operation and even after it.

Moreover, the Anesthesia and Laboratory Department support plastic surgery by performing pre-operative X-rays and medical tests. Following the operation, the patient may need a lymphatic massage and access to the Nutrition Clinic. Everything is surely provided at Marble Medical Centre.

In this article, Marble Medical Centre seeks to shed light on the difference between reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery

It is the restoration of damaged body parts resulting from congenital defects or accidents, etc. Reconstructive surgery is an optional operation for patients who want to enhance some parts of the face or body, which is usually recommended by a plastic surgeon such as in cases of burns, deformities, birth defects, or after accidents. Moreover, the role of the plastic surgeon is to correct the defect and make the patient satisfied with the results. 

However, some cases are complicated, therefore, Marble Medical Centre depends on credibility and transparency with the patients.

It is important to inform the patient about the post-operative risks and potential side effects. The plastic surgeon should follow up on the patient’s condition after the operation in order to monitor the case step by step with the patient.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is based on the patient’s desire to change some details in his/ her face or body, and give them an aesthetic appearance without any medical reason to perform this type of operation. Plastic surgery is currently trending. It is popular all over the world among artists, celebrities, and even people who are interested in beauty and cosmetics.

The most requested and desired operations at Marble Medical Centre are breast augmentation and tightening, rhinoplasty, liposuction (removing unwanted fat) and re-injecting it into the desired areas of the body, abdominoplasty (removing skin and fat from the abdomen) and vaginoplasty (reshaping the labia that surround the vagina).

The plastic surgeons at Marble Medical Centre are keen to satisfy the patients and give them natural results as much as possible, as well as boost the patients’ self-confidence and exceed their expectations. 

Operations performed in the Plastic Surgery Department at Marble Medical Centre

Breast Augmentation and Tightening Surgery:

The breast is the evidence of beauty and self-confidence for females. There is an incredible increase in breast augmentation surgeries with silicone implants. For many reasons, the breast may lose its size and weight, so it is the role of the plastic surgeon to correct the flaw.

Liposuction and fat injection surgery:

Liposuction means contouring the body by removing the excess fat which is hard to be removed with diet or exercise. So, through liposuction of the abdomen and belly, the plastic surgeon can give the patient what he/she wants. Liposuction could be done for the waist, hands, arms, legs, back, buttocks and all the body by following the latest technologies and techniques.

It is also possible to apply fat injection surgeries for some areas of the body such as small breasts, hips or small chins that can become attractive with fat transfer.

Since fat injections are made from self-taken fat, the risk of allergic reactions is zero. It is a completely safe application, and after the surgery, the patient can continue his/her life perfectly well. 

Abdominoplasty, thighs and arms surgeries:

Tummy tuck surgery is one of the cosmetic procedures that aims to remove excess skin and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Some tummy tuck cases include:

  • Postpartum women women who usually suffer from sagging muscles in the abdominal area.
  • People who lose weight quickly. As for the thighs and arms tightening procedures, they are aimed at tightening and improving the general appearance while removing excess skin. The patients who undergo this operation suffer from a loss of skin elasticity, or sagging skin appearance. Their condition improves dramatically if the loose skin is tightened.


Ear reduction is a surgical operation that is performed on patients who suffer from protruding ears, and this condition is called bat ear. The ear reduction operation is performed in the ear pinna area, which is the outer part of the ear.

Rhinoplasty Surgery:

It is a surgical operation in which the shape or tilt of the nose is changed by making specific changes to the nasal bones. Common causes of rhinoplasty:

  • Narrowing of the nostril that obstructs breathing.
  • Broken nose.
  • Congenital problems in the nose structure.
  • Changing certain things in the shape of the nose, such as tilt or size.
  • Nose bone deviation.

In general, rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries today.

Eyelid tightening:

It is the process of removing excess skin and fat, or removing part of the muscle from the upper eyelid if necessary in order to give a more youthful, lively appearance and correct vision if the drooping skin causes vision problems to the patient. Also, this surgery may include removing the swelling under the eyelids that results in sagging skin.

Face liposuction and injection:

To give the face a natural appearance, it is easy to inject fat in the face. Through facial augmentation techniques, the procedure of autologous fat injection is performed in the face, where the fat injection lasts for a long period of two years or more.

This surgery is also used to remove wrinkles around the eyes as well as pits under the eyes in order to get a youthful appearance, which constitutes the most difficult and sensitive area in the body and requires accuracy and care, especially the area around the eye as it contains arteries that require extensive experience in handling the eyelids during injection. 

Autologous fat transfer helps plump the face and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. With facial liposuction (face contouring), we can remove annoying fats on the chin, face or neck and shape a slim face. Liposuction of the face is considered a permanent success with no side effects, so the patient does not have to be afraid of the scars on their face.

Double chin liposuction

Double chin is excess fat under the chin and it is not only a problem for people who have a somewhat chubby figure, many thin patients also suffer from double chin problems besides the genetic reasons. Fat is suctioned from the area under the chin to contour and define the jaw as well as give a more aesthetic and younger appearance.


Facelift surgery includes the entire upper, middle and lower areas of the face, behind the hair, and from the bottom side below the chin, so that no scar appears on the face after the surgery. Therefore, the plastic surgeon must be skilled enough to perform this kind of surgery. 

In addition, a forehead lift and eyebrow lift should be performed in accordance with the patient’s needs, and this procedure is performed for the patients who suffer from wrinkles at the top of the face. The facelift is also done endoscopically by stretching to the temples.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Enlarged breasts in men, making them feel shy in front of people. There are many reasons that may lead to gynecomastia, but the main ones include weight gain, the use of anabolic steroids, the use of marijuana, in addition to puberty.

Ways to treat gynecomastia for men:

Liposuction: The principle of this operation is based on breast liposuction, which means removing the fats from the breast; however, this surgery does not affect the breast gland itself.

Mastectomy: In this process, the glandular tissue of the breast is removed. This operation is performed after the doctor makes small incisions or cuts, and the patient does not need a long time to recover.

It is worth mentioning that the medical staff at Marble Medical Centre always strives to follow up on the patient’s case after a plastic or reconstructive surgery in order to mitigate any effects or scars that may result from the operations, as well as treat them by using various methods such as laser, plasma and lymphatic drainage massage to provide the patient with the best results.

As previously mentioned, Marble Medical Centre is looking forward when it comes to cosmetics. The medical team at Marble Centre always looks for the best and seeks to bring all the services that are available abroad to the State of Qatar, so there is no need to travel overseas anymore to undergo expensive plastic surgeries.  Marble Medical Centre attracts the most experienced plastic surgeons from Europe, and all the operations are performed under the supervision of the Ministry of Health in Qatar. Marble Medical Centre applies the latest hygiene and care standards by using the latest machines and techniques. Marble’s goal is to encourage medical tourism in Qatar, expand inside and outside Qatar into neighboring countries, in addition to developing medical tourism in Qatar.

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