pOpmètre®: an innovative medical device (class IIa) presented by Axelife at Arab Health 2024

Axelife is a French company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of medical devices. The company will present its flagship medical device at the France pavilion in Za’abeel Hall 2 during the 2024 edition of the Arab Health trade show, which will be held from 29 January to 1 February. 

Axelife is a global player in cardiovascular prevention. Its participation in Arab Health represents a strategic opportunity for the company to explore emerging markets in the region, as well as those in Asia and Africa. This presence at the show will also enable it to strengthen its position on the international stage by proactively understanding the specific needs of each market. For Axelife, Dubai offers privileged access to these different markets. 

Axelife: medical and scientific expertise on arterial stiffness and pulse wave velocity but also an actor in prevention 

Its R&D team is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the measurement of arterial stiffness: an essential biomarker of cardiovascular health but also invests in AI. Axelife has contributed to the publication of more than 30 clinical studies. This research not only reinforced the emphasis placed on measuring arterial stiffness, but also enabled Axelife to consolidate its position as a leader in cardiovascular prevention. The scientific team’s ongoing commitment to innovation and scientific rigour provides cardiovascular prevention solutions for all healthcare professionals. 

pOpmètre®: a class IIa medical device that reliably and rapidly measures Pulse Wave Velocity using photoplethysmography technology


The pOpmètre® allows healthcare professionals to assess their patients’ cardiovascular health and risks by measuring their arterial stiffness through a simple, rapid, non-invasive examination. The pOpmètre® is an excellent tool for therapeutic education, as arterial age can be used to communicate meaningful information to patients, so that they can become fully involved in their treatment. 

Features of the pOpmètre®:

Measurement: Pulse Wave Velocity

Assessment: Arterial stiffness and arterial age

Analysis: of the Pulse Wave

Calculation: Systolic pressure index 

Calculation: central aortic pressures (systolic, diastolic, pulse) after calibration with peripheral pressure

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