Proximie PxLens camera device enhances surgical collaboration and productivity, while improving patient safety, say top practising doctors


Proximie, the global health technology platform digitising operating rooms (ORs), announces the GCC launch of the PxLens – the latest in its new line of solutions transforming surgical care.

The PxLens is a lightweight, wearable ‘smart glasses’ device with embedded software. The head-mounted device allows surgeons to share a ‘first-person’ perspective of open surgeries and minimally invasive procedures. The PxLens’ seamless integration into Proximie’s cloud-based platform for telepresence, content management, and insights from the OR makes the device unique in the market.

The first-person perspective allows participants observing remotely to have a far clearer picture of the surgery – providing opportunities to advise where necessary and/or learn from cutting-edge surgical techniques. PxLens provides this insight and data without requiring stationery or installed cameras in the OR, giving users more valuable data and insights with minimal equipment and creating scope to use the Proximie platform in a wider array of procedures.

The first live streamed surgery in the Middle East using PxLens took place at Arab Health 2023. The surgery which was live from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust was an uncemented total hip replacement, giving exhibitors real time experience of Proximie’s world-first healthcare solutions.

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, founder and CEO of Proximie, said: “Gulf surgeons want to perform at their best during each procedure, and that means relying on the world’s very latest and best technologies. Lightweight and easy-to-use, PxLens integrates seamlessly with the Proximie platform to provide a superior perspective on surgery and is another exciting addition to our suite of telepresence, content management, and data insights solutions. It shows the positive impact wireless devices can have in creating borderless, seamless ORs.

“The PxLens is another step on Proximie’s journey to help surgeons deliver effective and efficient care. A solution that meets the demands of the advanced health landscape in the UAE and across the Middle East. It provides an insightful first-person perspective and helps make the recording and sharing of procedures ubiquitous. This improves patient care, training, skills development, and overall surgical efficiency.”

 The PxLens can be used by anyone, anywhere, within 15 minutes of unboxing when paired with the Proximie mobile app. Voice activated commands enable hands-free control, and robust battery packs that can be swapped mid-procedure ensure even the longest procedures can be fully streamed and recorded.

Pilot procedures with surgeons wearing the PxLens were conducted in the United Kingdom and United States in November 2022. Procedures included colorectal, otolaryngology, orthopaedic, plastics and urology surgeries.

Ms Stella Vig, Consultant General and vascular surgeon, Croydon University Hospitals NHS trust, National Clinical Director for Elective care for NHS England, said: “The PxLens enhances the way we use Proximie here at Croydon. The fact that it’s lightweight and intuitive makes it easy and convenient for anyone to deploy in surgery, even for the first time. Healthcare overall is trying to figure out how to do more with less, and technology like this gives us new ways of training staff and delivering care.”

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