Sentimag® – Magseed®

Sentimag® – Magseed® 

Simpler. Faster. More precise. Next-generation lesion localisation

Due to improvements in screening and patient awareness, approximately 50% of breast lesions are impalpable at the time of diagnosis. The current gold standard to assist the surgeon in finding an impalpable lesion is a hookwire, or guidewire. These are usually placed on the morning of surgery. Wire-guided localisations (WGL) have been used since the 1960s and have several limitations, including migration of the wire, scheduling conflicts and patient dissatisfaction.

Magseed® has been specifically developed to overcome these issues. It promotes seamless operating room (OR) scheduling, accurate lesion localisation and patient satisfaction.

Our system consists of the Sentimag® probe and the Magseed® magnetic marker. 

First, the marker is placed under ultrasound or X-ray guidance up to 30 days before surgery. In the OR, the surgeon uses Sentimag® to precisely localize Magseed® and therefore the lesion.

Magseed® – Benefits for all

  • Organise the lesion localisation procedure to suit your needs.
  • Can be placed 30 days in advance – better for patients, better for the clinical workflow.
  • Greatly improved OR and radiology scheduling.
  • 360-degree sensing and distance calculation for the best oncoplastic approach.
  • Patient-centric approach: no radioactivity, reduced stress, minimal invasiveness
  • Sentimag® and Magseed® are FDA-cleared and CE-marked for lesion localisation. 

Clinical Results. Simple to place, easy to remove

The Sentimag® and Magseed® marker were developed in the clinic with direct input and feedback from both surgeons and radiologists. 

Since it was launched in 2016, the system has been used to treat over 2,000 patients and has found a strong base of support among clinicians. 

When compared to wire localisation, seed localisation is generally more accurate, less painful and hence less stressful for the patient. Magseed® is more convenient, can reduce scheduling delays and improve efficiency in the OR. 

Adopting Magseed® as standard of care has the potential to drive cost savings in addition to its clinical benefits.Adopting Magseed® as 

The results below represent feedback from over 200 surgeons and radiologists having used Magseed® in over 350 procedures. Seeds were used to mark invasive and benign lesions, as well as surgical biopsies.

The overall impression is that Magseed® is simple to place and easy to remove. Importantly, radiologists were able to place the seed where intended in 98 % of cases and found placing the needle to be very easy. In 99 % of cases seeds could be detected by the surgeon pre-incision and later on intra-operative X-ray.

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