Sukhdeep Sachdev

CEO at Leader Healthcare

Sukhdeep Sachdev



Leader Healthcare is a healthcare organization that has reached a pinnacle of success that placed it on the map for being a pioneering medical science that sets new trends and global standards. “Hospitals” Magazine met with Mr. Sukhdeep Sachdev, CEO at Leader Healthcare to talk about his journey in the healthcare sector, the strategies that need to be implemented to transform the healthcare sector in the region and the new technologies and innovations that will be introduced this year during Arab Health. Below is the full interview:

Can you tell us more about your journey in the healthcare sector?

I have been in the healthcare sector for the last 28 years including 20 years in the Gulf countries. I have learned many things in this part of the world; the culture, the trends and let me tell you, it is very different from the place I come from. It was really challenging and exciting to infuse the cultures together. But now I feel like I belong to this place.

As one of the highest performing distributors in the GCC, how do you perceive the healthcare sector in the region?

I think the healthcare sector has undergone many changes in the past few years in the region, the demand for higher quality healthcare has created a feel of competition among healthcare providers, which led to better quality of services in the field. Also, the governments in the region have taken an active role in promoting and upgrading the healthcare sector. We have witnessed a rise in the number of tourists seeking health services in the UAE.

What is the mission statement of Leader Health?

Leader Healthcare mission is to create and provide a comprehensive system of delivering and implementing healthcare services. Our aim is to become a global company. Today, Leader Health is known for being a pioneer in medical science that sets new trends globally. We are in Dubai and we expanded our operations in the Middle East, India and the Asia Pacific. Our next destination will be the United States and Canada.

According to you, what are the strategies that need to be implemented to transform the healthcare sector in the region?

Education and education, without education and proper training, even with all the technologies we have in hand we can never go forward. We need to invest more in education in order to generate higher productivity. There is a need for world-class universities and an educational plan that will be able to provide the human capital to sustain growth in the industry.

What are the new technologies and innovations that will be introduced this year during Arab Health? What do you think about the show?

This year we are proud to be showcasing our CPR in virtual reality with ZOLL.  Another big thing is CAE healthcare’s integration of Microsoft Hololens. It is a breakthrough on how doctors, technicians and students visualize complex organs. We have many other products that are related to air purification innovations, homecare and respiratory aids.  Arab Health is by far the largest and biggest healthcare show in the region, it brings healthcare providers and professionals under one roof. We are happy and delighted to be here, and what I noticed that the quality of visitors is becoming more and more interesting over the years.

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