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For over 40 years, we have set new standards and driven innovation in haematology and our other areas of expertise

Sysmex Middle East FZ-LLC has grown to become one of the Middle East region’s leading diagnostic suppliers with a reputation for high-quality products, service and reliability. Our automated hematology analyzers provide market-leading diagnostics to hospital laboratories across the Middle East area. One of our main features is that we love knowledge. And we love applying it in smart ways to create unique solutions that really help people, our clients and our partners. We’re actively expanding our expertise and are already breaking new ground in such diverse fields as coagulation and urinalysis, life science, biosciences, near patient testing and automation. Whatever we do, we believe having a profound understanding of one’s activities is essential. Like said, we love knowledge.


Sysmex products are unique.They reflect our drive for excellence and our profound love of knowledge. 

We are very aware of the fact that we can and do make a genuine positive contribution to our domains in the healthcare industry, and therefore to the health of individuals. We therefore want our products to solve real issues. Make people’s lives better. And make the working life of those who use our products easier.

Sysmex® XN-Series Automated Hematology Analyzers

Sysmex’s new XN-Series Automated Hematology Analyzers are built on a breakthrough concept known as Silent Design®, providing new possibilities for any lab regardless of size and throughput. This simplified system of operation and user interface, based on careful study of operator interaction with instrumentation and laboratory sample processing, supports the smooth interaction between people and the XN-Series in very important ways including: an expanded parameter menu for your lab’s evolving clinical needs; configurable modularity for your lab’s workflow needs; and a reagent handling system that saves time and storage space. Best of all, Silent Design creates analyzers that you like to use and know you can trust.

The XN-Series Family of Configurations

The XN-Series includes the XN-1000™, XN-2000™, XN-3000™ and XN-9000™. These configurations are built by coupling XN analysis module(s) in the configuration that best manages your total hematology workload.  Regardless of which configuration you choose, each highly productive system operates identically and efficiently. The configurable modularity also gives you the flexibility to change system configurations as your clinical and operational needs evolve.  Whether your lab needs additional parameters, more efficient operations or greater financial return, the Sysmex XN-Series has a configuration for you.

Sysmex® UN-Series: The Modular Way Of Urinalysis

The new UF-5000 and UF-4000, based on our globally renowned fluorescence flow cytometry and with body fluid analysis available at the flick of a switch, will benefit laboratories of any size.

Our UC-3500 is a fully automated chemistry analyzer that takes test strip analysis further, with both microalbumin and creatinine analysis on board. For smaller workloads, the semi-automated chemistry analyzer UC-1000 is the right choice, whether used integrated or stand-alone.

Adding our digital imaging unit, the UD-10 provides a seamless urinalysis workflow – from sample entry to a digital image. To round off the offering, we have a new U-WAM for sample management and CV-11 for sample transport.

With our UN-Series we cover the complete urinalysis workflow while offering maximum flexibility: You can select your solution to set up the workflow as you need it. Whatever your choice, it means there will be no more hands-on urinalysis as the whole process is automated. Finally, you get all the results on one screen, with all data centralized in one workstation.

Sysmex® RD-210

OSNA – Advanced platform for analyzing lymph nodes

Nodal status matters

More differentiated information – Supporting better treatment decisions. Lymph node status is one of the most important prognostic factors in many cancers and a key criterion for surgical and therapeutic decisions. Analyzing lymph node tissue reliably and accuracy is therefore crucial for detecting metastases. Routine practice in histopathology analyses only a limited amount of tissue and therefore provides only limited information, which might not reflect the real metastatic burden.

OSNA – One-Step Nucleic Acid Amplification – is an automated molecular diagnostic assay that analyses the entire lymph node tissue. The reaction is based on rapid nucleic acid amplification technology (RT-LAMP*) to quantify Cytokeratin 19 (CK19) mRNA expression. CK19 is an epithelial cell marker and is not normally present in lymph node tissue. The expression rate of CK19 mRNA correlates with the size of the metastatic foci.

Sysmex®CyFlow Cube 6

Compact and economic flow cytometer

The CyFlow Cube 6 is a compact benchtop flow cytometer for the analysis of individual cells and microscopic particles. Different CyFlow Cube 6 configurations to select from offering optimal solutions for dedicated applications. The easy-to-use CyFlow software provides control of the instrument,  data acquisition, analysis and storage. CyFlow Cube 6 offers True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC), which allows the display of particle concentrations for any subsets of cells without the need for reference beads, even if defined by a gate at a later time after the acquisition.

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