The King Hussein Cancer Center: International Standards With an Arab Identity

Since its establishment in 2001, the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) has offered comprehensive cancer care to adult and pediatric cancer patients from Jordan and across the Arab world. Our patients are treated by the best oncologists and specialists, and receive care in an Arab atmosphere that is in line with the latest international standards and best practices.  The Center is comprised of a 108,700 sqm space with three buildings. It treats nearly 7,000 new patients annually and receives over 250,000 patients in its outpatient building.

KHCC’s facilities are equipped with: 

  • 365 beds
  • 13 operating rooms
  • 36 intensive care units
  • Single patient rooms to ensure the utmost privacy and comfort
  • Floors dedicated to women and pediatric patients
  • An outdoor garden  
  • Entertaining spaces for kids and youth which offer psychosocial support 

Uniqueness of KHCC

  • Comprehensive cancer treatment (all specialties), and psychosocial support.
  • Strategic partnerships with the world’s largest and leading oncology hospitals.
  • International accreditations that affirm the Center’s commitment to the highest level of quality and standards.
  • Multidisciplinary team making treatment decisions.

Advanced Medical Technology

Robotic surgery: KHCC is the only facility in Jordan to offer this technology.

Neurosurgery suite: This suite is equipped with an MRI for immediate evaluation, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy in removing tumors.

NanoKnife (irreversible electroporation) technology: KHCC is the first in the region to offer this technology, and it is currently used to treat liver, pancreatic, and prostate cancers.

Bone marrow transplantation (BMT): KHCC has the largest BMT program in the Middle East, serving both pediatric and adult patients. The Program’s success rates are in line with international standards and comparable with world-renowned cancer centers.

Cell Therapy and Applied Genomics Lab: This lab hosts the first and only public umbilical cord stem cell bank in Jordan.

Cutting-edge radiation oncology:  Radiation oncology services at KHCC are administered by six linear accelerators fitted with X-ray tracking systems which offer the highest level of precision in targeting solid tumors by delivering real-time images of both the tumor and the patient’s organs.

Advanced diagnostic technology: KHCC’s new diagnostic imaging rooms are equipped with the ‘ambient experience’, a technology designed to create a positive and comforting environment for patients – especially children – during MRI and CT scan imaging through its use of soothing audiovisuals.

The International Patients Office 

This office offers special services for patients from outside Jordan to facilitate their treatment process, including:

  • Medical consultancy services.
  • The assignment of a contact person to provide support during the patient’s treatment journey. 
  • Various other services including: managing visa applications, flight tickets, providing options for accommodation and transportation, interpretation, and more. 

KHCC applies a unified price list for patients from all nationalities. 

WhatsApp +962 77 7648887

Apply for treatment at KHCC through the Patients Platforms:  

Easily follow the steps on the portal site to apply without the need to be present at KHCC.

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