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The Orthopedic & Traumatology Department makes a quantum leap in the area of excellence

Dr. Maher Yousef Consultant Orthopedic Surgery Al Ahli Hospital

The Orthopedic & Traumatology Department at Al-Ahli Hospital – which deals with knee and pelvic joints, and the problems and damage which occurs thereto – has recently performed a complex and delicate operation on a patient suffering from a tumor inside the shinbone, below the knee exactly, which caused him many pains that affected his daily life negatively. 

Dr. Maher Yousef, Consultant Orthopedic Surgery at Al-Ahli Hospital, talked about this case and the success of the operation saying: “The patient’s condition represents in the presence of a tumor in the shinbone, and we were able to remove it and plant replacement bone for him and retained it with a retaining plate and screws. It did not take one year for the patient until his condition became normal and excellent. He does not complain of any complications and does not have any prodromata of the tumor appearing again.”

He indicated: “This type of operation is not usually performed in private hospitals, and even if that happens, they are very rare cases.”Then he added: “We subjected the patient to specific checks through which we were able to confirm the type of the tumor that was not a malignant tumor, which is difficult to deal with, and its complications differ that it can sometimes lead to leg amputation, and in the best cases remove a large amount of bone, including the knee joint, and replace both with artificial substitutes.

When he was asked about the stages of the operation, he replied: “During the operation, we started to open the bone in a window-like manner, and through that opening, we worked to remove the tumor completely, then we replaced that bone with artificial bone and retained it with a retaining plate and screws, which help to make the bone natural and strong, especially after the operation of removing the tumor that made the bone weaker than usual and more prone to fracture.”

He concluded saying: “The Orthopedic & Traumatology Department at Al-Ahli Hospital is distinguished in the field of joint replacement operations for both the knee and pelvis, which is the core of our specialty in which we are highly distinguished and through which we have achieved many successes. In addition, all the competencies and expertise owned by the staff of our department make us able to take other challenges and treat most of the orthopedic diseases, even if they are complex and delicate.”

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