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Against Breast Cancer, We Will Win Together


A pink ribbon, the universal symbol of breast cancer awareness, has traveled around the world with a special message in a global campaign launched by Acibadem Senology Research Institute in Turkey. In October 2021, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, seven amazing women and popular influencers living on three continents joined the campaign to spread the message: 5 minutes per month can save your life! Even during the COVID pandemic – especially then – do your breast self-exams regularly. Early detection can make a difference in the successful treatment of breast cancer.


Breast cancer is currently the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide, according to the latest data of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The estimated 2.3 million new cases in 2020 indicate that one in every eight cancers diagnosed was breast cancer. It is also the leading cause of cancer death in women, causing 1 in 6 cancer deaths globally. Late diagnosis may reduce the treatment options and survival rates. Unfortunately, women often prefer to postpone their medical check-ups and avoid visiting doctors or hospitals. The situation becomes even worse during the pandemic when the fear of exposure to Covid-19 keeps women from seeing their doctors.


The experts from Acibadem Senology Institute recommend regular self-exams from the age of 20. Over time, women get to know their breasts well and spot any changes quickly, contributing to early diagnosis. Changes in the size, shape, and texture of one’s breasts, skin, or nipples must be referred to a doctor as soon as possible.


As a part of its commitment to providing high-quality diagnosis and treatment solutions globally, Acibadem Senology Research Institute in Turkey set up an awareness project with social media influencers from different countries. The campaign aims to promote breast self-examination and share the new treatment possibilities with breast cancer patients. Seven ambassadors from different countries, including popular TV hosts, singers, and social media activists, received a pink ribbon as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer. They passed it on to each other, spreading awareness messages in their social media accounts to educate and inspire their audience.


Professor Cihan Uras, a breast surgeon and director of Acıbadem Senology Research Institute, said: “For 30 years, we have been working to provide the best treatment options for breast cancer in our center. We do not just focus on diagnosis and treatment; we are discovering novelties in both the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


Today, we have a different goal: to create awareness of breast cancer in our women. I prepared the pink ribbon box to travel 8 countries and 3 continents, visiting 7 women in Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, Dubai, Jordan, and Kenya. These women have the power to influence all women in their countries and say ‘do your self-examination.’ I believe we will win together against breast cancer.”


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