Acıbadem Healthcare Group Turkey


Acıbadem Healthcare Group Turkey

offers a best-in-class medical services with its breakthrough technology and expert medical team

Welcoming Hall Acıbadem Maslak Hospital

Medical tourism is a flourishing field – after all,according to reports, a whopping 14 million people went abroad to receive medical care in 2017. The idea of receiving medical care,but in the lap of luxury, is holding more sway today. Striking a perfect balance between medical and wellness needs is Acıbadem Healthcare Group that was established in 1991, and is today the leading institution in Turkey, in the niche of private healthcare services. After having tasted success in Turkey, the group with its partner IHH Healthcare Berhad, one of the largest groups in the Far East has spread its wings all over the world. Today, it has 21 hospitals and 14 medical centers under its belt, in Turkey,Bulgaria, Macedonia and Netherlands, and is part of the world’s second-largest healthcare chain.

Medical tourism hubs are developing in different parts of the world, but with Acıbadem’s credibility and reputation of providing the highest quality of services using advanced technologies, large footfalls of patients are witnessed in Turkey. In addition, the team boasts experts who meet international quality standards. Enhancing its solid reputation are the certifications received by independent institutions like Joint Commission International (JCI) and ISO 15189 Clinical Laboratory Accreditation Certificate. All the hospitals under the aegis of the group meet global standards and have their own centers of excellence. There are 16 Heart Care Centers (pediatric and adult cardiology and cardiac surgery), 13 In Vitro Fertilization Centers(infertility – IVF), 11 Cancer Centers (surgery, radiotherapy,chemotherapy), 10 Organ and Tissue Transplantation Centers(liver, kidney, bone marrow), 9 Spine and Neurosurgery Centers, 6 Robotic-assisted surgery centers and a single Sports Medicine Center accredited by FIFA.

King Suit & Standard Patient Room Acıbadem Maslak Hospital

Another area that Acıbadem Healthcare Group specializes in Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that helps patients to look the way they want to, with the able help of specialist physicians and the support of an experienced team. These centers offer a range of services- from rhinoplasty to stem cell rejuvenation therapy, from abdominoplasty to breast augmentation, so that all your requirements are taken care of! Each of these centers are nationally and internationally accredited due to their advanced technology equipment and the qualified team of experts they offer. Since there is a surge in the number of international patients who visit for different healthcare needs, the International Patient Services Center at Acıbadem Healthcare Group, Turkey, provides a range of services to keep them safe and comfortable. Consultations, diagnostic procedures,billing and insurance, travel and accommodation, as well as translation, is taken care of, thereby making it a ‘one-stop’service center for international patients. 

The team at the Center includes patient service specialists and physicians who help patients through their “Healthcare Journey”, and in accordance with their needs and expectations. The International Patient Services Center is segregated into three units, and includes over 150 multilingual service executives. With this unwavering commitment towards healthcare, the Center provides thehighest and most reliable quality of services.

Patient room Acıbadem Healthcare Group, Turkey


Acıbadem Healthcare Group has set a global benchmark for an integrated special healthcare system model, and various healthcare support institutions. The Group has set up at hematic university specializing in medical sciences – Acıbadem University – that establishes the scientific infrastructure of healthcare services provided within the various centers,with the help of its experienced academic faculty and the international research studies it has conducted.  The Advanced Simulation Center CASE, established under the university, is one of the most comprehensive three centers worldwide, with all the departments and technological infrastructure that it embodies. The center comprises two sections – Clinical Simulation Training Center and an Advanced Endoscopic, and Robotic Surgical Training Center.

Children Clinic & Examination Room Acıbadem Maslak Hospital


Acıbadem Project Management, which embodies planning, application, control and consultancy in project management, enables large projects like hospitals to taste success by providing ‘turnkey’ services. The organization offers all kinds of services – right from planning, application, control and consultancy services in project management.

Check-up Department Acıbadem Maslak Hospital


A-Plus Hospital and Accommodation Services revolve around the principle “a hospital is a hotel where healthcare services are provided”. With this thought in mind, there are a range of facilities available to keep the patient in pure comfort – there’s patient catering, staff catering, cafeteria operation, cleaning, housekeeping and laundry.

In addition, Acıbadem Mobile Healthcare Services provides all-integrated mobile healthcare services for both urgent and non-urgent pre and post-hospital healthcare processes at the highest level.

Hybrid Operation Rooms, which are connected to three different diagnostic units
(3 Tesla MR, 128 section Sliding CT, Robotic Arm Angiography


Acıbadem Labvital, Acıbadem Labcell Cell Laboratory and Cord Blood Bank, Pathology and Acıbadem Labgen, which are parts of a strong web of laboratories, are all equipped with new generation technological infrastructure, and offer globally-recognized services in many fields. These include food control, cellular therapy, preparation and storage of peripheral stem cells and bone marrow stem cells, intraoperative pathology consultation (frozen section), macroscopic examination, sample evaluation, genetic diagnosis and personalized medicine options.

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