Hill-Rom helps healthcare providers navigate a complicated healthcare environment

Hill-Rom helps healthcare providers navigate a complicated healthcare environment and overcome barriers that make it difficult to achieve your goals. Our innovative solutions enable you to provide high-quality patient care, in light of financial realities, both inside and outside of the hospital.  We partner with healthcare providers in more than 100 countries by focusing on patient care solutions that improve clinical and economic outcomes: Patient Safety and Mobility Solutions, Patient Assessment and Monitoring Solutions, Respiratory Care Solutions, and Surgical Solutions.  In addition, Hill-Rom provides best-in-class service to ensure reliable and safe products to help you provide exceptional, high-quality care for your patients.


Get your most challenging patients better, sooner

Harms and complications in the ICU can extend length of stay and add to costs. The longer the patient is in the ICU and immobile, the higher risk they are for the potential complications such as respiratory infections and pressure injuries. Hill-Rom partners with our customers to implement an integrated mobility program that leverages innovative ICU products (such as advanced beds, patient handling lifts, and respiratory therapy devices) to reduce ICU length of stay by decreasing patient ventilator days, delirium and pressure injuries.

Improve patient safety and satisfaction while managing costs

In today’s Med-Surg units, healthcare providers are faced with sicker patients, while also being asked to increase quality of care and patient satisfaction.  At the same time, patients, and their families, are more involved in their care than ever before.  Hill-Rom can help you improve patient satisfaction and patient safety with a robust solution of products and clinical programs including smart beds that communicate directly with our nurse call system, patient monitoring solutions, and a Falls Prevention clinical program that can integrate into your existing clinical protocols.


Protecting patients  by anticipating careSM

Data is everywhere in hospitals today, but too often it is not being leveraged to solve clinical problems.  This is one of the reasons why preventable conditions like falls and infections continue to occur that cost our system billions of dollars. Hill-Rom Clinical Workflow Solutions can help via our innovative software platform and products.   First, we help you collect the information that matters as not all of the information holds equal weight at all times. We then use algorithms to help you identify opportunities to improve care and deliver that actionable insight to you in real-time, giving you the confidence that you’ll receive the information you need, when you need it, to enhance outcomes.   

Helping to eradicate the leading causes of preventable blindness

Welch Allyn delivers simple and affordable screening solutions in primary care settings to help eradicate some of the leading causes of preventable blindness. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness among working-age adults. With early detection, 95% of vision loss cases can be prevented, while also achieving up to 90% patient compliance with potentially vision-saving diabetic retinopathy exams. One in four school-age children suffer from a vision disorder.  Welch Allyn provides technology that can screen for five amblyoptic risk factors in just seconds.

Delivering more advanced and comprehensive care with practical diagnostic tools

The role of primary care has evolved from an independent function to a key linkage of information to support the overall clinical decision-making process. This change has created a greater need to coordinate information sharing across the care continuum and has also produced new workflow challenges for clinicians.  Welch Allyn provides the integration of vital signs management and physical assessment tools in one system.  Helping to eliminate frustrating and time-consuming searches for individual pieces of equipment allows clinicians to immediately view all necessary patient data, then sends it directly to an EMR/EHR. This streamlined workflow leads to improved operational efficiency within the office and throughout the health system.



Advancing respiratory health through innovative therapies

Retained secretions in the airways may lead to increased infection, hospitalization, and reduced lung function. Airway clearance therapy has been shown to improve lung function. With reported adherence to therapy in the 50% range, collaboration tools that increase visibility to therapy patterns can aid HCT coaching and motivation. Hill-Rom’s Respiratory Care products work to improve airway clearance and remove secretions from the upper airways.   This connected care provides opportunities for enhanced discussions and early interventions, which may lead to a reduction in respiratory infections, hospitalizations and medical costs.



Effective and efficient OR utilization

Operating rooms can be one of the most costly departments in a hospital.  More and more, hospitals rely on important metrics for OR efficiency and utilization.

These metrics may range from first-case start times and turnover times to percent of rooms used and, of course, patient outcomes. Hill-Rom Surgical Solutions provide high-quality surgical equipment, surgical instruments and medical supplies to help you improve such metrics. The unparalleled breadth of our surgical table offering and innovative technologies bridge general and multidisciplinary applications to bariatric and advanced specialty procedures, as well as integrated intraoperative and robotic-assisted surgeries.




Mortara’s innovative portfolio of diagnostic cardiology devices is designed to serve the full continuum of clinical care, from acute care to primary care and clinical research organizations. Mortara’s comprehensive range of products, operating under the Mortara, Quinton® and Burdick® brands, include resting electrocardiography, cardiac stress exercise, Holter monitoring, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and multi-parameter patient monitoring.

Mortara Instrument: An Exciting Opportunity

  • Strengthening clinical focus on diagnostic cardiology and patient monitoring across the combined portfolio
  • Leveraging deep relationships in acute care, primary care and clinical research settings globally
  • Supporting expansion of broader range of diagnostic technologies to further mission of improving patient outcomes
  • Accelerating growth with highly attractive and immediately accretive acquisition

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