NMG Modular Design-Build Turnkey Solutions


All necessary mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and medical gas is integrated into the modular walls.

Future flexibility

Installed tiles are simply clicked on and off the structure, without any fixed drilling needed, allowing for future inspection and maintenance to be done within minutes.

Integrated technology

Technology is integrated into the system for quality assurance and infection control, while contributing to the appealing environment.

Fast Installation

Fast installation is ensured as the system arrives on site ready to be assembled, saving both time and cost during construction.

The NMG Modular Design-Build Concept

NMG is an American based design-build company that is at the forefront when it comes to modular interior design and construction. 

We have established ourselves as the leading force in designing and building highly functional, flexible, and sustainable healthcare facilities with focus on operational efficiency, as well as creating a healing environment, promoting enhanced well-being for patients, families and caregivers alike. Our passion and dedication is to change the way healthcare facilities are designed and built, including complete modular ICU, PICU & NICU departments, customized head-walls and foot-walls for patient rooms, dialysis suites, outpatient clinics, waiting areas & interactive pediatric departments.

The Future-Proof Facility

As technology begins to play a larger role in patient care delivery, healthcare facilities must be designed with adaptability in mind. The continuous change in the healthcare industry, driven by technological advancements, requires healthcare operators to constantly reinvent and renovate their facilities. Over the next few years, the healthcare industry will experience a significant change, with more emphasis on utilizing technology such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence. Our modular system allows new technology to be easily integrated into the overall solution, providing complete sustainability.

Allowing facility managers and engineers to access the cavities of the wall system for necessary inspection and maintenance, in addition to incorporating new technology in the future, within matter of minutes and with minimum disruption for the facility, will result in enhanced efficiency and better operational outcome. Only the most advanced and true future-proof modular system, where the ultimate flexibility is provided, a system that is designed to ensure adaptability for future needs, allows healthcare operators to be prepared for the forthcoming facility requirements. This is what we, at NMG, provide for our clients.

The Healing Environment

The healthcare research literature has demonstrated how properly designed facilities can impact patients’ recovery and general well-being. Yet healthcare facilities tend to be designed and built in a relatively cold and raw manner, adding to the already uncomfortable and stressful experience for patients and their families. It is highly important to utilize what research has shown when it comes to healthcare design. Using evidence-based design principles, from neuroscience and psychology to architecture and behavioral economics, will enhance the patient experience and satisfaction and lead to faster recovery. This includes elements such as choosing the relevant color hues for different areas, ensuring exposure to natural light, incorporating contact with nature and positive distractions.

Our modular system is designed with elements to enhance the infection prevention and control where technology is integrated behind back-painted glass and highly advanced medical fillers are used to seal extrusions, leading to reduced rate of infection for patients during their stay. Our highly experienced designers are dedicated to creating the perfect patient-family centered healing environment. The extensive range of advanced and appealing solutions contribute to the patients’ well-being, exceed visitors’ expectations, and results in higher satisfaction among patients, their families, and caregivers alike.

The Bottom Line

There is no better return on investment than a quickly and accurately built hospital with sustainable, highly functional, and charming environment. This can only be accomplished with our state-of-the-art solutions. Over the course of only few years of operation, the financial benefits of investing in NMG’s solutions are evident.


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