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Modern and advanced treatments that changed the concept of diabetes around the world

Novo Nordisk is one of the world’s leading companies in introducing innovative diabetes treatments. Over the past few years, it has achieved several accomplishments that had a significant impact on regulating the rate of diabetes in many patients who have always suffered from high or low blood sugar levels. Novo Nordisk’s modern treatments, whether through insulin injections, tablets or others, have changed the management concepts of diabetes and the company came a long way in this field.

Novo Nordisk’s leading position today was not out of thin air; it is the result of hard work that began in 1922 since its inception and still hasn’t stopped.  It is the inexhaustible effort of the giant company’s leaders to provide all the new treatments in the field of diabetes. Despite the importance of the achievements made by the company in the framework of introducing drugs and insulin injections, which contributed to changing the face of medicine and its vision to diabetes through the possibility of controlling the disease, however, the ultimate goal is to reach a completely curable treatment. Today, Novo Nordisk is one of the oldest healthcare companies and is the world leader in the treatment of diabetes with insulin by injection or tablets.

Developments and innovations

Novo Nordisk invested the experience of more than 5,900 employees in research and development, in addition to investing more than $ 2 billion a year for the purpose of producing new medicines that help diabetes patients enjoy a normal life and improve the quality of their lives, while keeping their blood sugar levels stable as long as possible in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Developments and innovations never stopped in the company, which ranked number two in “Science Careers Top Employers” survey and the “Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Company” in Europe by the survey participants.

Novo Nordisk is headquartered in Denmark but has a strong presence across the globe.  The company has products marketed in more than 165 countries with affiliates and offices in 77 countries and more than 42,000 employees.  The company has strategic production facilities in Brazil, China, Denmark, France and USA, in addition to production facilities in Algeria, Russia and Japan. 


Community initiatives are at the core of Novo Nordisk’s work, believing in the importance of educating diabetics and spreading the culture of dealing with the disease to safely cope with it. “Cities Changing Diabetes” is one of the company’s initiatives that put managing diabetes on the main agenda of participating cities.  “Team Novo Nordisk” is a professional cycling team all of which are Type 1 diabetics proving that you can lead a normal life and exercise normally if you manage your diabetes properly.

Novo Nordisk A/S Denmark, a focused healthcare company and a world leader in diabetes and obesity care, has expanded its presence in the UAE and opened a new regional office that covers a vast area that includes more than half of the world’s population. Locally Novo Nordisk UAE is the ninth largest pharmaceutical company in the UAE.

Novo Nordisk UAE has recently announced several unique initiatives in collaboration with health authorities and organizations focusing on private-public partnerships. “Hospitals” magazine managed to get exclusive access and interviews with the region, business area and affiliate leaders of Novo Nordisk operating out of Dubai. The interviews also addressed the focus areas of Novo Nordisk and the importance of managing diabetes and obesity in the Gulf.

Frederik Kier, Senior Vice President for region AAMEO
Mads Bo Larsen, Corporate Vice President at Novo Nordisk
Ayman Hassan, Vice President and UAE General Manager at Novo Nordisk


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