Safe patient care with LINET

Did you know that according to WHO, as many as 1 in 10 patients in developed countries is harmed while receiving hospital care? The harm can be caused by a range of errors, safety failures or adverse events. Ensuring safety during hospitalization particularly for patients in bed is therefore a key issue for LINET.

On an international scale, patient falls rank among the criteria for measuring nursing care quality. They are one of the most common causes of prolonged hospitalization, can have serious even fatal implications, and complicate the process of convalescence considerably. The basic condition of safe care for a patient in bed is to ensure the maximum possible effective prevention of falls and further accidents. All without unnecessary restrictions while respecting the individual condition and needs of patients. The side-rails form the keystone of safety on hospital beds. The design of LINET bed side-rails varies greatly with a comprehensive type range of shapes for the different needs of individual departments. All side-rails on all beds meet the strict European EN 60601-2-52 standard for medical beds thus preventing high-risk situations.

Another protection factor in combination with the safe side-rails is the low bed settings, particularly during the bed’s sleep mode and night backlight for better orientation at night and dusk. The sophisticated system for supporting mobilization and verticalization not only facilitates this process but ensures that the bed has the necessary safety protection. Thus in combination with professional assistance from nurses and physiotherapists, the patient has reliable support to practice bed exiting.

Another bed safety level is smart technology. LINET beds are equipped with a Bed exit alarm system monitoring the patient’s movements and presence in bed. The systems of the SafeSense and SafetyMonitor are based on the interaction of sensors and applications, operating automatically and eliminating human error. They display risk situation alerts and statuses such as if the bed is at a safe setting. The nurse can see everything online on monitors at the nurses’ station or from any place on a mobile phone. As a result the nurse can promptly and preventively intervene where this is truly required.

Our further safety measures are “invisible”, hidden in the bed’s structure. An example is the SWL – safe working load ensuring the bed’s safe operation even for patients weighing up to 185 kilograms. LINET has this SWL parameter in an entire portfolio of electrically adjustable beds from TOP models Multicare and Eleganza 5 to economic beds such as the Eleganza 1 with an above standard value of 250 kg.

For us at LINET it is top quality construction and smart safety functions that form the cornerstone of the complex solution for in bed patient care. We provide professional product training as well as training aimed at the maximum effective possible ways of utilising the bed for quality and safe care. The global service network of our professionals – technicians ensures a top and authorised after-sales service anywhere in the world so that we can guarantee a bed’s long-term and reliable function. 

Jiri Plecity, Managing Director LINET MEA


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