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Qlik Software is a platform which drives efficiency and improves business decision making at SEHA

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the UAE’s largest healthcare network, has integrated the Qlik Software as part of its mandate to continuously improve the provision of healthcare across its network. Qlik Software, founded in Sweden, is an end-to-end platform which enables organizations to harness big data and analyze it for a variety of different applications.

The platform, which is currently live at SEHA and the Healthcare Facilities, is empowering users such as physicians and nursing staff to improve the quality of care delivered to patients by allowing access to vital information easily and visually, as well as supporting functions such as Finance, Operations and Quality Management, with the ultimate goal of improving patients’ experience throughout the SEHA network.

Qlik is an important component of SEHA’s digital transformation plans and serves the organization through its Business Intelligence Visualization Platform. Business Intelligence (BI) utilizes visual and data accessibility information for the purpose of driving change behavior and operational excellence. Currently, SEHA is deploying a formal set of applications overseen by its corporate departments, and another self-service application for end users – in this case users of the system – to customize the information output based on data entered into the platform. Looking ahead, SEHA aims to speed up its response to business challenges, achieve further optimization of business operations, analyze large volumes of data, and increase financial effectiveness. 

Commenting on the utilization of the Qlik Software, George Kapitelli – Group CFO, SEHA, said: “We are very excited about the integration of Qlik within our business and the pivotal role the software will play in strengthening SEHA’s provision of healthcare to our customers. Qlik supports our BI function, which is a method of combining massive data sets into meaningful information to support better decision making. SEHA has massive amounts of data but our BI apps will enable our staff to cut through the data, understand trends – positive and negative, be better informed as to the ‘why’, enabling better understanding and better response plans. The roll out of Qlik will also position us for success by aligning SEHA to global trends and allowing it to respond to emerging challenges, enabling it to become more globally competitive.” 

SEHA will continue to integrate additional systems and data sources into its Qlik platform to enable informed and evidence based decision making at all levels at the corporate office and its hospitals and clinics.  

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