Smart solution by LINET

Smart solution by LINET

Hospital bed as a smart device 

The era of the Internet of Things in Healthcare Things, a network-connected healthcare aid is just beginning. Smart technologies can create a more efficient healthcare system in terms of time, energy and cost. With analysts at MarketResearch.com claiming that the sector will be worth $117 million by 2020.  We see here a great opportunity for offering solutions that will make healthcare more effective and will simplify what are sometimes unnecessarily complicated hospital processes. A report last year by IDC indicated that enterprise mobility will have penetrated over 80% of MEA healthcare organizations, with over a third of organizations having already developed corporate smart devices.

With online data on mobile devices, healthcare professionals can monitor patients more effectively. Collecting data from various devices searched in applications can help direct healthcare to where it is currently needed. Staff creates proactive management of prevention because prevention is always the most effective treatment.

All about safety

The place where patients spend the most time is the hospital bed. Together with the fact that modern hospital beds are increasingly sophisticated products, it is logical to create smart beds with their own functional applications. In line with these trends, LINET has developed beds that are connected online and information about the bed is displayed on a PC or mobile device and is part of the central hospital system. Using sensors and their own application known as BedMonitor, they know how to measure the patient’s weight or the patient’s presence on the bed, thus helping to save human lives. The system provides clear and comprehensive information about hospital ward bed settings to the caregiver and, in the event of a compromise of any bed safety feature, it immediately reports this situation. They collect data into cloud source repositories which are then available for analysis and improvement of processes.

We know how to visualize data and information well and evaluate them in a truly user-friendly environment. We set the outputs depending on the needs of the customer. We can display them at a specified central site, for example, at a nurses’ station and on nurses’ and doctors’ mobile devices or on wall panels. BedMonitor is fully compatible with Eleganza 2 bed and TOP ICU products Eleganza 5 and Multicare beds.

Data under control

The strong aspect of the BedMonitor project is its compatibility with the central hospital system. Connectivity and connection to so-called big data greatly enable management to evaluate the effectiveness of the purchased equipment – hospital beds. A very important factor, especially in the health sector, is security. Data in the hospital system, including very private and sensitive information, are potentially highly vulnerable to abuse. The security of our systems is under the strictest control and the data is protected by encryption.

The Internet of Healthcare Things is growing, developing and increasingly affecting our lives. We want to develop our smart system further, to contribute towards creating a friendly, safe and problem-free functioning hospital.

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