Sysmex Middle East conducts its first Clinical Insight workshop in Oman

At Sysmex our mission is shaping  the advancement in healthcare. For over 50 years, we have actively set new standards and driven innovation, thus becoming the global leader for haematology diagnostics. 

Sysmex is a very well-known brand and our products are recognised as reliable, accurate haematology analysers improving the laboratory workflow. We now go a step further addressing clinician’s questions and highlighting the clinical insight of our advanced clinical parameters. 

We provide scientific knowledge going beyond the traditional cell count to gain far more clinical information from the analysed blood sample. A key feature of our XN-Series is that we are not just looking at cell morphology, we can also measure and understand the cell functionality. Many scientific publications have increased the knowledge of the clinical insight of our advanced clinical parameters which we continually transfer to our customers.

In corporation with the Ministry of Health Sultanate of Oman, Department of Laboratories – Sysmex Middle East organised an ‘Advanced Clinical Parameters in Haematology Workshop’. Around 130 laboratory technologists and clinicians participated in the one-day workshop event from both governmental and private institutions in various governorates of Oman.

Mr. Salam Al Rashdi, Head of the Diagnostic Laboratories Services at the Ministry of Health, initiated this event to highlight the importance of the latest diagnostic developments related to haematology and quality control procedures. 

The workshop included a number of scientific lectures from both local and international speakers. General laboratory topics where covered on verification/validation of medical tests and histogram and scattergram interpretation by Dr. Halima Al Balushi from Royal Hospital and Ms. Sahima Al Mamari from Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. Anaemia topics included the clinical utility of modern reticulocyte parameters and laboratory diagnostic tools presented by Dr. Benjamin Schoenbeck from Sysmex and Dr. Iman Al Noumani from Ibra Hospital. 

To conclude the workshop, the significance of the Immature Platelet Fraction and laboratory algorithm for clinical utility of thrombocytopenia diagnosis and management was presented by Ms. Sahar Eldewieh from Sysmex and Dr. Mohamed Al Zaabi from Khoula Hospital.

Clinicians expect reliability and accuracy from the laboratory. At Sysmex we strongly feel that clinicians can confidentially use our new diagnostic parameters to know more, decide with confidence and act faster.

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