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TURKEY… A global hub for medical tourism

Turkey has been one of the major global destinations in medical tourism, as it has seen an influx of medical tourists over the past year that reached 470 thousand patients, making it a destination for hundreds of thousands of people annually.

Turkey is aiming to bring in $20 billion in health tourism revenue in the upcoming years. Improved services with cutting-edge technology, competent experts and affordable prices have recently made Turkey an attractive destination among world citizens who are seeking treatment. The country has achieved significant momentum in healthcare tourism, offering a wide array of services and generating revenue.

Today, Turkey is among the top five countries around the world in medical tourism, thanks to its geographical location in close proximity to Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and the short flight distance to these regions, which contributes to attracting more medical tourists.

Underlining that Turkey has been rendering health services in European standards in recent years thanks to its modern hospitals, trained manpower, specialist doctors, technological infrastructure and experience, the service quality of many private hospitals in Turkey has been approved by world-renowned accreditation agencies. Turkey is also distinguished by its top services in the medical field in terms of the quality of health services and lower prices compared to other countries. It has occupied a prominent position among the countries of the world as one of the leading health centers thanks to its qualified and trained manpower, competitive prices and state-of-the-art medical technology, in addition to providing services based on reliable diagnosis in accordance with international standards.

Turkey has worked over the past years to strengthen its position as a global hub for medical tourism, supported by the development of its health facilities and professional manpower, in addition to providing important natural facilities for treatment, such as hot springs.

The medical tourism is one of the most important pillars of the Turkish economy, and a major source of national income, which relied heavily on the prosperity of medical tourism.

Turkish healthcare system has been stated to show significant improvements regarding wider access to healthcare facilities, and the quality and efficiency through the introduction of Health Transformation Program. The new system achieved nearly universal coverage and many health outcomes enhanced significantly.

Hospitals operate in accordance with the national accreditation system and are audited twice a year by the Ministry of Health of Turkey to ensure quality, safety and service standards. Moreover, numerous health facilities are accredited by international organizations.

A great number of health facilities in Turkey own ISO 9001 certificate, JCI accreditation, etc. for their clinical services and they also offer 5-star hotel comfort for their international guests. Guests become a member of family in Turkey. That’s why it is one of the top destinations for international tourists each year. International patient departments of health facilities arrange pre-interview, travel planning, accommodation, translation and other relevant needs of patients for 7/24. 

Istanbul also serves as Turkey’s biggest medical establishment, with the greatest number of hospitals, education and research institutions, the highest number of JCI-accredited medical facilities and largest tourist arrivals for medical treatment in the country.

The exceptional central location of Turkey, its healthcare facilities, skilled and educated doctors and staff in the healthcare sector, supported by its hot springs and natural beauty is attractive in terms of health tourism. With both the cultural and historical richness, as well as the level of expansion in the field of health, Turkey is one of the most popular countries in the region when it comes to.

Many procedures are provided by our medical centers such as liposuction, orthodontics, Lasik, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation can result in savings of up to 50%- 60% as compared to what they are costing in the US and in Europe. Among other procedures for which patients travel abroad are dental treatments and surgery, eye operations, plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. 

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